dinsdag 6 maart 2012


you should see the new collection of Dior I'm in love
I will now buy everything at once but unfortunately I have not too much money for it at the moment
next month I'll put together an outfit with dior in it
I'm also gonna show other outfits this month and then I can save a month :)

maandag 5 maart 2012


Hey guys,
I'm sorry I didnt blog the last weeks...
School is the reason, bizzy bizzy weeks
But now Im back en I wanna share some shops with you, maybe you can find soms things that you like

Here they come:


on this site there are things that really don't cost a thing! 


this shop is more expensive, this is for the girls with a big wallet
the clothes here are so cute! i love it 
you can combine together so much soon I will also make a combination which prevents maison scotch for the inspirtation that it might give you some help, because you don't need exactly brand, it may be a bit different but that doesn't matter it looks the exactly the same 

and the last from now is www.asos.com

here you have different types of clothes where you can make very nice combinations, the prices here are different some things are more expensive that others, but you will not help the notice the clothes themselves, it is all pretty

hope i have given you good information and I speek to you again soon!